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Color Correction for Food Products that you are Marketing?

I went to our local produce experience called Sheradin Fruit Company in SE Portland. It reminds me of the more contemporary grocery stores like Whole Foods but caters to the local community. My studio partner & I have been some of their regulars for years.

They will have occasionally have special events and have in vendors that sample their products. Last week Jeff & I  were in there and I stopped by this woman's stand (Sweet Things by Julie). We had tried her wonderful samples and starting talking shop for about 20 minutes. You have to admire inventors or farmers that are trying to be entreprenuers on their own. It is usually hard work that most normal people don't want to do because our lives are getting so hurried. It is hard to find moments to slow down and appreciate the quality of life. Entreprenuers are trying to do everything by themselves to get noticed. Julie was doing the same thing. I usually want to step in and offer some of my services at limited prices or even a trade out to make their marketing materials look the best possible. I went to her website and told her that there was a chocolate pie that I would like to color correct and make it look more appetising. Like most people, Julie was a little skeptical because these helpful people usually turns around to burn them. She finally sent the picture that I made look like it belonged in Sunset magazine. See my work below. I think that we have a winner!


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