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JoeTo help Joe create his personal brand and identity. I researched Joe's competitors and their websites. After we established his corporate logo I began to design and layout his business cards. I thought about a different direction that would make his clients remember him and his company because nothing really stuck out (company is Hall Manufacturing Solutions). But then, I thought what is so different about Joe?


Joe is a skilled woodworker (he created custom furniture for his home in Fairview) and a knowledgeable salesperson with large woodworking machinery. Beyond all that, he enters Ironman Triathlons. One of his friends is Ken Wheeler who has a company, Renovobikes, here in Portland, OR. Ken's company produces these award winning, beautiful frames from various imported hardwoods.


When Joe makes a sales call he tells his clients about these incredible wooden frames that are all made with the CNC machines that he sells. Joe's clients are all in disbelief until he takes them out into the parking lot and pulls out a wooden bike and lets them ride it. I said, "Joe that is it, we have to put that on your marketing material because you have left them with a story that they won't forget. Can you think of any other salesperson that has a story as unique as this? This is not an ego thing…it is a great story!"


Joe thought about it and we finally made two sets of business cards, one generic and the other with his photo holding his wooden bike. I love this story and I have told many of my new clients.


Can you possibly think of something unique about yourself or your business?

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  • Comment Link britto Friday, 30 December 2011 06:37 posted by britto

    I've been a fan of your work since I was a kid and am now a fantasy artist myself. I was told using black KILLS an image, but I cant get enough of it! Whats your opinion?

  • Comment Link Mike Johnson Friday, 20 November 2009 15:47 posted by Mike Johnson

    Wow, Mike. You are my first comment for my newly created blog post. My developer said that was pretty fast since I have even notified any yet. I am going to be doing some investigation on corporate mythology next week. Thanks for you valuable input.

    Mike J.

  • Comment Link Mike Mathews Tuesday, 17 November 2009 21:46 posted by Mike Mathews

    Great example of finding the USP for a client and capitalizing on that USP. And a good story, to boot.

    Have you looked into corporate mythology? It's pretty much the theory that describes your philosophy and the practice you present here.

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