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I have three Reward Cards. . .

Safeway, Albertsons, and Fred Meyers. Guess what these grocery stores are doing with all the information that they are collecting. That is another blog post that I will be giving some attention to.


Here, Kroger CEO, Dave Dillion does a shop-a-long with Pat O'Keefe at one of their Ohio store. To read more on this story go to the Oregonian's Business article. "The data only tells you so much." Dillon says. "Such up-close and personal study of consumers, employees and stores has been part of the management style of an executive whose grocery experience goes back four decades to his family's Dillons grocer chain."

 I love hearing these kinds of stories. . .where the management goes up and beyond the regular marketing research. This is probably the most valuable way to get real information. Not just looking at the data but reaching out and talking to the buyers. Kind of like I was talking about in my earlier post about the local Safeway store.

 It is attitudes like this that make me want to change my shopping allegiance.

 What is your grocery store doing to making you feel that you are a valuable asset to their business?

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