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It is about Telling Stories.


I was asked to give a presentation on marketing at the Central Eastside Industrial Council's Lunch & Learn. I didn't want it to be one of those "let me tell about what my business can do for you" types of presentation. I wanted to leave an impact or better yet a "visual impression" on their brain. 




I thought that it would also be a good opportunity to have one of my strategic partners step up and give a credible story that represented both of our business models. Derek Lasko of Lasko Printing did tell his incredible story about how he printed this complicated job during the Christmas holidays (all within a weeks time) for Intel. They needed for a trade show in Las Vegas during the first week of the New Year. After finding out that the RUSH shipping of a pallet of printed materials would be $6000 he called the client in Los Angeles and said that he would drive it down to them. Derek and his buddy drove it straight through the night and made the delivery the next day (only charging them $600). 


Remember, you are not supposed to be the hero…you are the mentor…

is wonderfully explained by Nancy Durante in her book "Resonate".


In our presentation we covered:


Repeating their story to people in the community is an important part of marketing your company’s brand. And it is not important that the owner of the company knows it but their employees as well. If they understand the story, they will understand the company’s purpose. 

People like stories and like to tell others!

There is a little more of a challange when you have a company that falls into the “Generic” category. Dentists, bankers, doctors, financial advisors, designers, etc. Even my company, Inkspot Graphics, has been a challenge to differenciate between me and my competitors. Besides making money…what is my purpose?

Your story has to peak your audiences curiosity. It is not that I am efficient or save my clients time & money. It can be that you work closely with non-profits, charities or support local schools. If you still are drawing a blank, I recommend that you talk to your clients and listen to your employees. They will help you.


My challange to you is to ask any of your employees if they know what the company's purpose is (or what is it's story). If they don't know… you had better call me to meet for coffee. 503-201-5867




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Mike is a great designer that has many years of experience in all aspects of design and printing. If you need another source for design work, I would highly recommend Mike.

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