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I was approached by a local restaurant (Madison's Grill) to help produce their logo on a beer growler. I have another vendor that makes a mask using a sticker material that is great for sand blasting. We adhere the sticker to the glass growler and Voila!



1. When they originally approached me, they wanted their logo on a clear growler. I went to a local beer supply house and bought a clear & amber growler. I explained to my client that we ought to try a sample on two different growlers to see how it looks. I was concerned that the sandblasted logo would not be seen clearly with its texture on the clear glass.



2. They liked the amber growler with their sandblasted logo. But I also slipped in the question of how they would feel about using some paint in the sandblasted area to really make the growler "pop" and have their brand recognized at distances. They were skeptical and asked about the cost. I will bring down the painted version to show them the difference and hopefully they will see that I am going the extra distance for them. In fact, I will volunteer to do it for free.



By taking a risk and trying something new, I may have a new niche to fill in creating sandblasted growlers for the restaurant/bar industry.


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