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I have to show you a sample (on the left below) that I got from a local web developer's website. I was shocked first to see that his site had some major flaws. I know that this would have a huge reaction to his potential target market.


Tip #1 - Spell check, spell check, spell check!

For what it is worth…if you can't afford a copy writer…have two or three friends help you out. It looks very unprofessional and I certainly wouldn't want to use your services if you can't even take that extra step to look good.


Tip #2 - Don't use a complicated design or photo behind your copy!

It really makes it hard to read. Make sure to use a high contrasting color with the background. *Below is a poor choice of color combinations. Go check out some other great sites to see examples of how they use color and type combinations.


Tip #3 - Give a little extra space between lines of copy

(or leading…pronounced leding). Web copy is not like reading a newspaper or magazine, it needs more breath ability. Use a 12 or 13pt type and use 15pt leading. Here is a great article for optimizing your copy for the web.


Why did I write this article? 

This developer worked with me on a project and I knew that this is a HUGE faux pas! It reflects on you & your business. I told him that I would love to help him redesign his site as a tradeout (no cost out of pocket) just to make it look more professional. I still wish that he would of took me up on it but you really can't force people to change.

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  • Comment Link Mike Johnson Thursday, 14 July 2011 06:55 posted by Mike Johnson

    Hey Nick, thanks for giving me your thoughts.

    I just bought a new book that has some great info on how to get viewers to click on your website. "Neuro Web Design" by Susan M. Weinschenk.


  • Comment Link perth web design Wednesday, 13 July 2011 18:12 posted by perth web design

    I have to agree that there are still some sites which have radical backgrounds making the text hard to read.

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