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Just got turned onto this new book by a friend of mine about how to design web sites that keep viewers engaged.

Neuro Web Design


I have nearly underlined every piece of copy in the book. Great stuff!

Here is a teaser:

"Most behavior and decision-making isn't conscious. That means that they will have to engage the mid brain and the old brain, in addition to the new brain. We want to think that we are making logical decisions, even though we aren't. The mose effective Web sites are Web sites that talk to all three brains. When the Web site engages all three brains, then we click."

If you do anything on the web, I would strongly recommend this book.


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"Just a quick note to thank you for doing a very professional job with my business cards and the brochure that you created for my business.


I was in a large retail store today putting forth a proposal to the store owner to sell and display my fence post brackets. We had finished our discussion and I asked the buyer if he wanted a sample fence post bracket and he said 'no because the brochure has everything that I possibly need to know on it. It was very well done.'


Mike, I wanted to pass this tidbit on because we so often get only complaints.


Thanks again for your integrity and creative design."


Chuck Williams - owner of Stur-D Fence Post Brackets

Hillsboro, OR