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Tuesday, 26 January 2010 10:39

How to Add Value to your Marketing Efforts

My client, Jim Hendricks of Equity Trust, LLC was having me print realty signage for him. My sign printer is North of Vancouver. I called Jim and told him that I would deliver the signs by noon. He said that he could pick them up if it was more convenient. I told him that it was okay (I had other errands to run).



This is a prototype diagram of the realty signage that I get approved by the client and forward on to my printer (so that there are no questions).

When I got up to my printer, we were double checking the signs and I found that they did not print the second side on three of the realty signs (plus they printed 11 rather than 10). They are usually pretty good with my work and my account manager looks things over pretty well. They said that they could reprint the back sides while I waited.


I got back into Portland and Jim that I probably saved some time and money by looking the stuff over before I made the delivery. My client, Jim, would of probably been in a hurry and not thought a second about looking them over. VALUE ADDED! You would never get this amount of attention if you go online to any printer.


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