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Friday, 01 July 2011 05:59

Marketing Promotion for Local Printer

Mastermind Brainstorm for Local Printers

We were brainstorming marketing ideas for my business during our bi-monthly Mastermind group. One of the members, Terry said that I should come up with a marketing piece for local printers that are struggling in this new economy. I told him that I had a postcard that I designed when I was at Revere Graphics (prepress company in Portland, OR).

Now the printing company could either direct mail these to their existing mailing list or even to new markets. My client, Derek (from Lasko Printing) likes to present something to his client when making sales calls. 


While at my office, I came upon another great concept that may work better than a postcard. I bought these along time ago for creative brainstorming from Roger von Oech. This would be another great option is to have an oversized trading card size that the client could keep in a package that was branded with the Lasko logo. 

I pitched both ideas to Derek and he liked the trading card idea. Now I slowly have to build up all the card/tip designs.


Lasko Trading Card Idea

This is what I came up with. They are a little bigger than playing cards or your business card 3" x 4.5" but printed on a durable 100lb card stock. They have been varnished to keep off finger prints and protect from the wet weather. I also like the die cut rounded corners, it is very subtle but adds a little extra. Very professional!


100+ Different Tips & Tricks

I started to write a list of different subjects/tips that I could write for printers. Here are just a sampling of the subjects that I covered:

prepress techniques


social media for printers

spot vs. four color printing

software tips

direct mail

marketing tips for small businesses

photography tips

creative graphic design tips

digital printing

what to look for at a press check, etc.

It seems almost endless…I could probably write 300 of these tips, if I put my mind to it.


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Thursday, 23 June 2011 08:06

Great Brainstorming Idea #1

Great Marketing Idea to Help City with Speeders

I just saw this video. It was amazingly brilliant. Why can't we come up with more contests to deliver great ideas like this?


The Speed Camera Lottery - from


"That’s a question Volkswagen recently posed in a public contest — and the winning entry was the Speed Camera Lottery, conceived by Kevin Richardson of San Francisco. Richardson’s idea, quite simply, is to build a better speed trap. Strategically placed traffic cameras will photograph all passing cars. Drivers exceeding the speed limit are sent tickets, while those obeying it are pooled into a lottery funded by the fines. Every now and then a randomly selected winner is sent a check."




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Friday, 17 June 2011 07:36

They call me Amazing Mike

One of my best clients, National Builders Hardware ( is a great business in the SE Portland neighborhood. Kellie Haninline (marketing manager) first called me "Amazing Mike" when I came in one time on short notice with one of their projects. We laughed and talked how I should come up with a silkscreened shirt with just a big "A"  on it. Now everyone calls me "Amazing" when I walk into the shop. I really don't like to draw attention to myself but it made me reflect on what I do and how long that I have been doing it. I think of it as tongue-in-cheek.




Below is a photo from the last Endurawood networking event taken by my buddy, Frank DeSantis. It was a great event! Probably close to 150 people. The smart thing that David Szyplinski did was to go out to businesses and got sponsorship money to finance the event. They had a three piece musical accompaniment, catered hor dourves and beverages (by local distillers). It was incredible event!

 And the most crazy thing is that the marketing was mostly done by word-of-mouth. Most of the invitees were people that worked with businesses in the remodeling industry. Having a great time is myself, Kellie Hainline and Myla Fiesterman (president of NBH).


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