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Friday, 25 March 2011 07:01

Portland Design Agency & CEIC member

Meet DHX Advertising

I was introduced to another CEIC (Central Eastside Industrial Council) member that used to be the president/executive director (Tim Holmes). As being the curious student that I am, I naturally went to their web site and was very impressed. Very clean and direct.



Marketing 101 Booklet

They also have a wonderful booklet that is included on their site of great little marketing tips for business people. It is an easy read and great little illustrations. I will be providing snippets and my thoughts on the subject matter in my next posting.




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Monday, 21 March 2011 06:42

Mobile Marketing Conference 2011

Mobile Technology - Marketing Conference 


This one day seminar was put on by Don Elliot of Elliot Designs. I enjoyed it (and not just because it was in the Migration Brewery). I took away a lot of information on what the future holds for the marketing of the smart phone. I will be attending their next seminar. I will post it on my Inkspot Graphics LinkedIn page.


Local Professional Speakers



One of 2010's most influential women in technology and local TED Talks speaker, Amber Case will present with four tech professionals including mobile app developer Chris Skaag, SEO specialist Dan Delmain, mobile payments and marketing professionals Don Elliott and Lynn Gray, covering topics from tech history, future, strategies, methods and ways to adapt with mobile media.


Cyborg Anthropologist Amber Case, TED talks speaker, the co-creator of, writer of the upcoming book, A Dictionary of Cyborg Anthropology, and creator of, has a growing following as an anthropologist. Her fascination rests with studying the rapid growth and change in our society as the internet and mobile technology becomes more prominent. A Lewis and Clarke grad, Case worked for global advertisers Wieden + Kennedy and is recognized as one of 2010's most influential women in technology. Case resides in Portland.


Chris Skaggs is the CTO of Code-Monkeys in Newberg, OR is a ten year veteran in the creation of B2B and B2C technology solutions including two years in the mobile technology space. Code-Monkeys builds a variety of custom apps for iOS, Android, and Netbooks, as well as backup software for mobile apps. Chris has appeared as a technology consultant with Intel, Mashable, MTV, Comcast, Fandango, Mobile Portland, the SAO and Oasis Audio.


Another one of my strategic partners - owner of the SEO and Search Engine Marketing firm Umbrella Web Solutions, Dan Delmain will talk about techniques for targeting the mobile market through search engines and local maps.


Northwest Agent for Priority Payment Systems, Lynn Gray will speak on Mobile Payment Solutions. and Don Elliott, president of Elliot Design will wrap up the seminar with useful tools and strategy for marketing with popular mobile technology.

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Strategic Web Partner - John Hooley

I can't begin to tell you how much John (BlueBridge Development) has helped my company. We trade out our services for each other. He has done all the development for my web site, and I assist him with web design on his projects. He is easy to work with and allows me the freedom of design. 

He recently asked me to help him design a Joomla! extension web site called Code Haiku. The direction that he gave me was that the site was to be clean and the navigation to be user friendly.


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